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Norwegian- Finnish seminar om road culverts as fish migration barriers in the Tana river

The Interreg project- Joint Environmental Management of the river Tana- organised a seminar on fish migration barriers on November 22nd. 2017, Rovaniemi.

The seminar consisted of preparatory work for next years' field work on both Finnish and Norwegian sides of the river. Please view the seminar programme here.

Presentations from the seminar are linked to below:

1) Antti Eloranta, NINA: Culverts as migration barriers: Evaluation and mitigation of environmental impacts.

2) Jaakko Erkinaro, LUKE: Culvert restoration and stream connectivity in the Teno river system- earlier experiences and achievements.

3) Knut Hoseth, NVE: Examples and experiences from restorations in Norwegian parts of Tana

4) Narve Johansen, TF: Migration barriers on municipal and private roads.

5)  Ingrid Vågnes Hjelle, Norwegian Public Roads Administration: Faciliating Fish MIgration by Road Culvert Restoration.

6) Pirkko-Liisa Lahta, Mestãhallitus: Esteed Pois! Migration barriers off!

7) Markku Seppãnen, Metsãhallitus: Culverts as migration barriers for fish: Templates for inspection.

8) Arvo Olli, Metsãhallitus: Avoiding new barriers in road building and culvert installing.